Tesla Patents

United States Patent Office
Get the patent number from the above and do a search in the patent archives.

More Tesla Links

Tesla Universe

Eric Dollard’s Radio Archaeology

Lindsay Technical Books

Deep-fried Neon

Book Distributors

New Leaf: wholesale to booksellers

Plough Book Sales, Australia. Old technical books, including electric and radio. Borderland Sciences .Tesla, radionics, etheric science

Information Unlimited. Experimenter hardware books. Source for Tesla coils, plans, kits, and assembled Tesla coils.

Sierra Solar is a home-power equipment dealer.

21st Century Books  has a comprehensive collection of Tesla literature.

Tesla Coil Hardware Resources

RF Parts Company. High-voltage capacitors (i.e., 2700 pf 30 kv, 1900 pf 15 kv, 15 mfd. 5 kv ), high-voltage rectfiers, rf chokes, vacuum-tube transmitter parts, variable capacitors. (800) 237-2787, 435 S. Pacific, San Marcos, CA 92069. 

Information Unlimited Complete Tesla coils, kits and assembled. (800) 221-1705, P.O. Box 716, Amherst, NH 03031

R5D3 Electronic Surplus. (no website) Portland, OR. High-voltage caps, variable caps, variacs, vacuum tubes, transmitter parts, vintage, scopes, other test equipment. Low prices.  (503) 513-0410.

All Electronics. Surplus goodies for experimenters, prototypers, manufacturers. Variacs, high-voltage rectifiers, caps, motors for rotary gaps, high-voltage wire. (800) 826-5432. Two retail stores in L.A. 

Bill Beatty’s Tesla Coil Page. See the list of surplus catalogs. Many other resources on Tesla and Tesla coils in Bill Beatty’s science pages. 

The supercapacitor can enhance a solar-electric system and may even have other uses in the collection and storage of free energy. Supercaps can have values as high as 180 farads, enabled by nano-dielectrics. The link is to the e-book (from the publisher of our Tesla e-books). Learn how to gang up these low-voltage caps for practical voltages.

Custom-made resistors.