Will the Pentagon spider
crawl all over this posting?

Notes on Military
Web Surveillance

My e-book publisher in Vermont, who publishes my Tesla-technology work, also offers a free download of my NBC Spins 911. Having noticed an unusual number of downloads of that title over a 5-day period, the log was examined. It showed visits from a bu-wcs2-kelly.nipr.mil.

“We often get dot-mil visits,” wrote Leigh, “no big deal, but this URL seemed a bit odd. A little research indicates that bu-wcs2-kelly.nipr.mil is the Defense Logistics Agency Automation Center. It’s a proxy the Department of Defense uses when it doesn’t want its web activity to be traced.”

Her search turned up some interesting postings, including, from Portugal, a compilation of postings by a Brenda Stardom, who had also done a search. Many postings one gets in a search consist entirely of web-log entries with various nipr.mil URL’s. I’ve appended a few posted comments from my own search:

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 23 2002 / 15:16:49
IP Address: Hidden

I have just posted a rather political poem on the front page of my site a couple of days ago it deals with the Iraq war. Perhaps the hand that controls extends a lot further then we thought….perhaps they gave you a visit because you talk about the 911 on your site!!! this is the server that went to my site BU-WCS1-KELLY.NIPR.MIL.

From brendastardom.com:

Every once in awhile I get this feeling to see who’s currently viewing the site. This is true, I swear, every single time there’s either a NIPR.MIL with a base name attached to it, or DOD, the Pentagon, HUD, weird about HUD, anyway I always check what reports they’re reading. It’s mostly one about chemtrails, followed with Tesla and weather engineering, and my goings off about the base I lived smack next to on a beach in California.

The last one I spotted was Friday and it was a NIPR.MIL, I won’t name the base, and it was one about an email I got from an old friend who took on the California base with me and then went into the Eagle Eyes program. I have to admit to feeling a tiny shudder go through me. I spilled a lot of guts in that report and knowing they were reading the entrails was enough to get me searching to see if I’m alone in this.

Of course not.. Lots of people post their entire stats as proof, IP’s from regular visitors, too. I started checking out the sites they were hitting. Uhhuh, strange sites, sites that offer information not found anywhere else, some people’s private research, so yeah, if I were a snooping fed or military person I’d go there to pick some brains. I’d definitely be checking who’s talking shit.

deep muddy

It’s weird, I did a chemtrail report with pictures from here, that went into a lot of 2 and 2’s put together and it’s still making the rounds. It’s been linked to from unimaginable sites and is the most read report I’ve written and the one I wish now I hadn’t written. I think that about a lot of them.

“Chemtrail queen.” Yeah, a title I covet. I do believe they exist and that there’s a cover-up and I’m not fanatical about it, but the military, government, DOD and even the Pentagon are sure hot on this subject.

I have to think, wow, some of this stuff could get me in the deep muddy if I were in the states and then that leads to flying and the lists they have of people they think aren’t loyal to the current government.

Panic fleets fast, but its presence is felt. Then I have to think, am I being unduly paranoid? Am I being thought of as a conspiracist or have I exposed things I shouldn’t? Don’t they know I’m nuts? certifiable? Damaged by their tests? See, that alone puts me in a different category because it sounds like it’s something I hallucinated. It was real. The effects have lasted. Enough said. I have to stop talking about this.

I kill myself. I just reread a report I wrote in November called ‘When the Pentagon Comes Calling’ and I spilled more than that I ever have. I totally forgot about that one.

YIKES! I need a rock, I need a rock. Ahem.

See what others have to say about NIPR and some of their visits:


Let it be known that on Mar 31 2001 at 08:54 MST NIPR.MIL, the United States Department of Defense Network Operations, completed a visit to this website, www.carnicom.com. [a big chemtrail site]. The duration of this uninterrupted visit was approximately 10 1/2 hours and it involved an inspection or review of 53 web pages within this same internet site.

The DISA created NIPR so that NIPR is essentially a VERY secure, single point of contact for all DOD connections to the web. Imagine it as a super firewall for all of the DOD’s various branches, partners, and educational institutions that work with the DOD.

These are from a site which basically lets the reader make up his/her mind about these showing in their stats, reprinting the emails he gets both from the military and private citizens.

Yes. Some of us have Internet access. Many times, we search for information pertaining to our specialties, as the Internet is a wealth of information. It’s hard to tell if the site will be helpful from the limited information given in the search’s results, so people click the link. I hope you don’t think you’re being monitored though. People who connect through a military server just happen to hit your site sometimes. It happens. *shrug* I wouldn’t worry if I were you.

whose internet?

The US military has an extensive program for the study of civilian activity, location of potential leaders and their affiliates, communication lines, emotional content within “propaganda”. Recall that the Internet ostensibly belongs to the Defense Department, which means civilians are by definition guests on military property, and surveillance of civilian activity on the Internet is not a violation of US law.

And so they snoop. They have vast databases and panels of “analysts” in EMF-shielded rooms, sifting through the material they find. And they have a whole cultish system for evaluating the individuals they are analyzing — the Stratton-Briggs personality typing system that makes astrology look tame.

How do I know about these things? I have built systems for them, worked for them, and been in their facilities. And most damning of all, I have seen the training manuals where they lay out parts of the program.

They are the living proof of Rome’s early wisdom: never bring the armies into Rome. And proof of the wisdom of America’s founding fathers who abhorred a standing army and forbade Congress to ever fund one. Infinite budget, no oversight, guaranteed secrecy, boundless ambition, and nothing better to do but crawl down your shirt and into your shorts like a hive of jungle ants.

Then there’s a less nefarious explanation and of course, it makes sense, but so do the others. “Remember all those naval personnel at sea for long tours of duty? They have access to the Internet.

I run a large site about Roman antiquity, and routinely get nipr.mil visits: I’m delighted that I’m probably entertaining some troop stuck on a ship somewhat a thousand miles from anywhere!” Others say they are bots or spiders, seeking certain words and phrases, checking them all out. Who really knows.

will they come for me?

“No sooner had I finished reading the NYT Jerrybrito.com article Joanne recommended on the Pentagon’s plans for data mining and electronic surveillance, than I noticed on my logs a visitor to my site from bu-wcs1-kelly.nipr.mil.

” ‘WTF is this?’ I said. Apparently this shady military outfit is spidering sites looking for info on Dmitry Sklyarov, the first person arrested on criminal charges under the DMCA. But my site, until now, hasn’t mentioned Sklyarov. Could it be I’m now on a list somewhere for badmouthing the administration as much as I do?

Once the war starts and all goes to hell and FEMA suspends constitutional government and the three branches of government crown Bush emperor, will black helicopters from NIPR come for me?

Well, there I go again. But really, what’s a military outfit doing spidering an American citizen’s site? Have you been scanned by NIPR?”

what they be doin on my site
i found em there jus tonight
readin’ ’bout chemtrails and the like
hey motherfuckers, take a hike

–plain brown (w)rapper

dominating the information sphere
From www.bhopal.net:

Of our one hundred military visitors in August, no less than forty-two came up via nipr.mil, a mysterious US military domain that has begun cropping up with increasing frequency in website logs around the world.

Francisco Rogue, the owner of blackant.net, was bemused to find nipr.mil users searching his site for things as disparate as “wireless hack” and “growing avocado trees,” so he e-mailed the NIPR.MIL system administrator and asked: “I’m curious as to what some domains in the nipr.mil range are, namely bu-wcs1-kelly.nipr.mil and wcs2 and 3-kelly, and wcs1.norfolk.nipr.mil, etc.

“Back came the terse reply, ‘You know all you need to know.'”

Nipr.mil is not a single domain a but a hush-hush web proxy that acts as a gateway for hundreds of U.S. military domains in order to hide their identities. It was established by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) in response to a memorandum (CM-5 1099, INFOCOM) issued in March 1999 by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, calling for “actions to be taken to increase the readiness posture for Information Warfare.”

“Uncontrolled Internet connections,” the document says, “pose a significant and unacceptable threat to all Department of Defense information systems and operations.”

We had several visits from info-warriors of III Corps, Fort Hood, a force describing itself as “America’s Hammer” and adding the boast: “Dominating the information sphere.”

fight back with a bs generator

From cryptogram.com:
I wonder if they’re trying out some kind of new Information Awareness Office spider that shows up from a nondescript domain. You know, so that in the log it looks like some jackball on AOL, but it’s really serving as a proxy for the IAO, Cheney’s Secret Organ Bank or worse! Then it e-mails some actual analysts or watch officers who take a look through their slightly-less-black NIPR gateways. Pure speculation. I have no idea.

Let’s do a test to see if I can get them to come back again in some predictable way.

Yesterday’s barrage [of visits] roughly followed a post about Pentagon PSYOPS teams bribing reporters. Let’s generate something else tasty by using the handy Echelon BS Generator. This is far superior to first generation Echelon BS generators which simply spit out lists of words…