Media 911

1. NBC Spins 911

2. 911: Some WTC History You Might Not Know

3. 911: Griffin Reconsidered

4. How 911 Strains KBOO’s Little Secret

5. 911: Selling AIDS and World War III

6. Web Surveillence by the Pentagon

7. The Pod and the Petty

8. A Mass Media Bibliography

Media 911 Introduction

Media 911, a collection of essays written between October 2001 and December 2005, was first published on Teslapress in September of 2005 by way of celebrating the fourth anniversary of one of the most successful mass-deception campaigns in media history.

Media 911’s focus is on the contortions of the established machinery of propaganda in its coordinated campaign to represent an inside job as a terrorist attack.

Some of these essays were published first on Portland Indymedia. They might never have been penned had this open medium not been available. The archived Indymedia articles are linked so that you can read the comments, which are posted at the end of the articles..

My original focus was the NBC network (and some 911ers may wish that my attention had stayed right there in the mainstream), but I soon found an even more fascinating media study in the streams of dissidence (or of what’s passing for dissidence these days), and I moved on to review the David Ray Griffin phenomenon and the phenomenon of progressive left-denialism as manifested at KBOO, the Pacifica FM in Portland, Oregon.


If you are passionate about a cause, and a progressive comes toward you, run the other way!
Thanks to phenomena like Griffin, the 911-as-inside-job issue has devolved way out of the realm of any possibility for radical action into the realm of academe, so that we now have the University of 911 for a movement, and not much else.

This is what rad-lib-progressivism is good at. It’s another way the system manages dissent. In place of action, we get endless investigation, analysis, and, within certain narrow limits, endless debate.

That is, if the issue is acknowledged at all. That never happens in established progressive rad-lib media like The Nation, which, instead of busting the mythology, repetitively promotes a “terrorist attack of 911.” Progressive editors know that any deviation from the official line risks cancellation of the foundation grants they depend upon for survival.

In polite progressive discourse on media, Spin can be acknowledged, but the Pro-active Big-Lie Propaganda cannot be mentioned.

The 911 academy already has its annual convention established, and we can expect to see a 911 course appear on some liberal arts campus any semester now. It will be called, coyly, “The New Pearl Harbor, 101.” The approved text will be Dr. Griffin’s book.

So 911 joins the JFK assassination in history as another instance of a deniable coup supported by a media-propagated mythology, beneath which persists an irrepressible underground dissident buzz. However, thanks to the progressive influence and the “911 truth” work of the likes of Dr. Griffin and Kyle Hence, the 911 buzz is more institutionalized and more academic and supports a more rigorous conformity, snobbery, and censorship than the JFK movement ever had.


Although the 911 cover-up is seen by many as historically special, I contend that such deception is routine and that the apparatus for exercising massive public deception on a daily basis is firmly institutionalized in our way of rule.

Thus the earliest piece in this collection (written 10/4/01) is called “911: Selling AIDS and World War III.” As 911 struck, I was just completing the third edition of my How the Chronicle Invented AIDS, and the section called “Selling AIDS and World War III” I appended to that work. The AIDS fraud is another instance of progressive-left complicity with the corporate mass media, as my How the Chron notes.

AIDS off my desk, I began a study of some NBC video footage that had come my way, and this took me to writing NBC Spins 911, published in print in April ’02.

I ask forgiveness for publishing these essays so early and so precipitously, as I herewith humbly submit my Media 911 book to the Academy for consideration as a listing on its Approved 911 Supplementary Reading List.

Do you think they’ll take it?