It’s not just spin, folks. Meet the big-lie propaganda.
Few so-called media critics of today dare to acknowledge that such a phenomenon as a big-lie propaganda even exists. In fact, most abet campaigns like 911, AIDS, and global warming, while dismissing any doubters as “conspiracy theorists.” Meet the pro-active big-lie media campaign in the words of a few practitioners of the 1920’s who wrote about their art with surprising candor:

Public Opinion by Walter Lippman (1922). A journalist writes honestly about the media culture. The art of “engineering consent.” Lippman says, “censorship is necessary in order to conduct a propaganda.” The totality of orchestrated propagandas create a “pseudo-environment.”

Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928) The Father of Public Relations writes with candor about his devious craft.

How We Advertised America by George Creel (1920). The author directed the selling of World War I to a gullible pubic. The Creel Commission included Bernays, Lippman.


The Rape of the Masses by Serge Chakotin (1940). Subtitle: The Psychology of Totalitarian Political Propaganda. The masses have been “psychically raped.” The conditioned reflex. A history of propaganda and its use in pre-WW II totalitarian states, (Rare)

The Mind Managers by Herbert Schiller (1973). The author was at work on media criticism decades before it became fashionable. Here are case studies of The National Geographic and other established brain-washing media.

How the Chronicle Invented AIDS by George Trinkaus. An anatomy of the big-lie campaign as conducted by the San Francisco Chronicle, 1981 – 1986.