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Why Buzzed Driving Is Not Drunk Driving
If you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized, then you are a target for the buzzed-driving-is-drunk-driving campaign.


The Tesla Mystique 
Has the true Tesla been fogged by cliché? Debunking Tesla the humanitarian, Tesla the genius, Tesla the victim, and especially the quantum Tesla.

A Capsule Biography of Nikola Tesla
From Tesla: The lost Inventions.

Tesla Coil Page

Tesla Antigravity Coil Surfaces

Blackout: Can Tesla Light the Way?
From The American Free Press. What caused the east-coast blackout of 2004? Tesla's wireless solution.

Tesla Electrotherapy
The amazing medical uses of the Tesla coil. Lakovsky and the multiple-wave -oscillator. Violet-ray therapy was popular until the 1940's, then suppressed.

Who Owns The Ether?
From Radio Tesla. The struggle for spectrum real estate. The US Navy tried to control all of radio, both point-to-point and broadcast, worldwide.


NEW:   Mag Amp Page

Magnetic Amplifiers, another lost technology, by the U.S. Navy. Completely reset and redesigned by editor Trinkaus.
Now a free PDF:

Enhancing the Ramsey AM-25 
The complete book, now free on the web. Build a broadcast AM transmitter by enhancing a flea-power kit into a carrier-current workhorse. A touch of Tesla in the final. illustrated.

The Vacuum Tube Turns 100
From Nuts & Volts. The tube's perennial problems: power-supply, burn-out, filament-heat... From the inventor of TV: a vacuum tube that runs cold-cathode and over-unity.

Official Science

Why Buzzed Driving Is Not Drunk Driving

Orthocracy Speaks
A Layman's Guide to the Ruling System

(HTML version)
Is there a hidden technology of rule?
What are the 13 rules of rule?

How the Chronicle Invented AIDS  English
a French translation
related articles
Will Obamacare mandate HIV testing?
Why you should resist. The AIDS media brainwash as rendered in the SF Chroni.  PDF. AIDS as fraud?  Scientists debunk the myth at Rethinking AIDS.

Nerd Flu
Scientists produce first digital-to-human viral infection, predict pandemic. Drug corps see bio-digital bonanza. Satire

Table of Toxicity  NEWFluoridation? Case closed.

Did an EMP Cripple the Costa Concordia?
The ill-fated cruiseship is one of at least five stalled at sea by power failure.  EMP weapons tests?

The SAWS Memo.
If you think the government will allow alternative energy, you have not seen the SAWS Memo. 

Media 911
a free book

Introduction to Media 911

1. NBC Spins 911
News or brainwash? Revisit this momentous day, now that the smoke has cleared. A review of taped footage based on author's own transcript. How NBC's own on-the-ground reports contradict the official line.

2. 911: Some WTC History You Might Not Know
The twin towers, due to an embarrassing architectural screw-up, were considered expendable. A conventional demolition of the towers was planned in complete detail in the late 1980's. Then the project was mysteriously canceled.

3. 911: Griffin Reconsidered
How a well-meaning professor helped to gentrify the political challenge of our time into a perennial academic exercise.

4. How 911 Strains KBOO's Little Secret
KBOO, the Pacifica FM in Portland, is a good example of how politically-correct progressive media is programmed to buy into such scientific fictions as global-warming, AIDS, and 911 .

5. Selling AIDS and World War III
The two propagandas employ similar stratagems. From How the Chronicle Invented AIDS.

6. Web Surveillence by the Pentagon
Will the Pentagon spider crawl all over this posting?

7. The Pod and the Petty
Ideas that deviate from 911 Truth dogma get a chill reception. How academic snobbery pollutes the movement.

8. A Mass-Media Bibliography 

       The power of mass deception. Old works of value.


Developer Tom Hears from Spendi Trendi
 "Here's my $1.2 million check in advance for a studio condo in your fabulous Park Avenue West." Portland developer Tom Moyer hears from a model downtowner. Satire

The Virginia Cafe Meets the "Cement-Mixer"
"Regulars need new barstools," says the Portland Tribune headline in this odd obituary.

Planning Coup Puts Czar in Charge
Was he elected? Appointed by the mayor, the city council, the planning commission? No. So who is this planner supreme? Why, he's Tom Moyer's architect. City planners fade into deep background, as new czar takes over after bloodless coup. Satire

Who Killed Downtown?
"Welcome to Downtown Portland, gross income over $200,000 or stay out!" Five well-entrenched institutional entities to watch challenge, resist.

High Rise Times
The Journal of Midtown Destruction.
(A sample page in pdf)

Bill Collector Confidential
by ex-bill-collector, Steve Katz and George Trinkaus, 

who wrote the first book on the industry


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