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High Voltage Press

George Trinkaus

What Readers Say

"Without free energy, we are slaves."
-- Andre G., Montreal

"Received your Tesla: The Lost Inventions. I am impressed with the book and want to thank George Trinkaus for his clear, meaningful writing style."
--Terry L., Kansas City


A Review of Tesla Coil

George Trinkaus, Tesla Master

Don't be put off by the small size of this volume. This mini-book, one of a series on the subject of Tesla and lost electronic technology, is a powerhouse of cogent, trenchant observation on the Tesla coil and its capabilities. I read it first nearly fifteen years ago and after rereading, I am stunned at the amount of information I must have skimmed over the first time. The author also gives spare but adequate instructions on a home-brew Tesla coil using beer-bottle capacitors and a series of spark-plug spark gaps. Read this one , then keep reading -- Radio Tesla is even better. George, write another one, please.

--by Aquasax7 on eBay


"I love your books. I have all of them."
-- Matthew H., New Mansfield, OH

"House burned down in Calif. wildfires with all my books and high voltage fluorescent lighting experiments toasted, so replacing my Tesla books. Thanks."
-- Mike B., Santee, CA

-- Patrick T., Anaheim, CA

"I am a Cherokee who has learned the medicine-man way, which reveals visions… I have seen a device which makes people fly… thanks to your book (Lost Inventions), I have found the missing ingredient, the Tesla coil."
-- Robert B., prisoner in Virginia

"I found Radio Tesla highly biased and filled with technical errors, but enjoyed it immensely. Please send a catalog of other publications."
-- Michael S. (ham), Glendale, NY

Thank you, Sir. I have read three of your other publications and have to commend you on not only great work but also on the promotion of real science.
-- Phillip D.

"I am a teacher's aid for an HVAC program here. Most of the other prisoners do not have the educational background that I do, so it is difficult to get electrical ideas across. Your books helped them understand the basics, and many are now interested in exploring further. Thanks so much!"
-- Paul T., Marionville, PA

"Radio Tesla
… a good book I’ll want to list in my next book."
-- R.A. Ford, author of Homemade Lightning

"Thank you for your Tesla research and belief in a better way of embracing the world’s unlimited resources… Changes rarely come from the established and entrenched order unless that order is unswervingly based on spiritual integrity and honesty… There are ways to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, and there are ways to heal the torn hearts of all people and nations… There is a very spiritual aspect to all invention."
-- Joe S., Coquitlam, B.C., Canada

"Please include us in your mailing list. We are a private school, and our science students are very interested in your materials."
-- Charlene M., teacher, Pittsburg, CA

"I just read your Tesla Coil and I’m hooked."
-- Alan Z., Baldwin, MA

"Radio Tesla is full of great secrets not seen today… a wonderful job in presenting Tesla’s ideas."
-- Dan R., Aptos, CA

On Radio Tesla and underground transmitters:
"I grew up in the shadow of Cerra Ancon in the former Panama Canal Zone. It was known that the hill was honeycombed with secret tunnels… However, it was never revealed that an underground antenna array existed there."
-- Robert M., Wimberly, TX

"I’m thoroughly captivated by this material."

-- Steven J., Albuquerque, NM


From a bookseller's review of our Tesla series

"I never was great at science in school .. but I remember getting more involved when we witnessed the wonders of the Tesla coil. I tried to find out more about Tesla, but there didn't seem to be anything available. Well many years later after being hired here at the Tech store, I was very pleased to find a series on his patents and inventions... The information in these little gems is hard to come by. Tesla's work and research was suppressed for many years; much of his work was quite revolutionary. This publication not only includes the patents but also interesting tidbits on Tesla himself..."

-- The Newsletter of Powell's Technical Book Store, Portland, Oregon.


The Tesla Technology Series
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"It seems to me that some very powerful and wealthy people in our world would not wish to make Tesla’s inventions be used to the benefit of humanity… Thank you for your wonderful publications."
-- Yuri K., Toronto, Canada

"Of the Tesla literature I’ve read so far, yours is the clearest and the easiest to read."--
Dr. John W., Lincoln, Nebraska


from the Borderlands Review of The True Wireless
Tesla's True Wireless and HAARP, Everything you know is wrong, by Michael Theroux

"The True Wireless" is one of the most important of Tesla's articles in that he explains in great detail HIS system of wireless. Also, this document, in his own words, smashes currently held beliefs about so-called "Tesla Technology"... (It) contains statements which radically challenge the orthodoxy of radio — a system of radio that has gone unchallenged as such to the present day. These particular statements made by Tesla virtually destroy many currently held beliefs — that certain new technologies (usually purported to be sinister in nature) were developed from Tesla technology itself.
Link to the full review

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this web page! A friend advised me to check this place out, and I'm so glad that I did! It would appear that you have the info I have been searching for since I was fifteen. Please put me on your mailing list. I look forward to doing business with you. 
--Dan I.,Tempe, Arizona

"Thank you for making the information in Tesla Coil and Lost Inventions available to me, a common person, a backyard mechanic, and a ham radio operator. I’m sick and tired of big government keeping down-to-earth inventions from the common people."
Eric R., Coal Center, PA

"I’ve read your books many times over and learned something each time." -- Allen E., Sonora, CA

"Edison was a joke. Every three months I have to climb a ladder to replace his incandescent wonders." -- Jed S., Brooklyn, NY

Hey, I'm a big fan of your books, and not really a fan of most of the Tesla Coiler community, who in repeated instances show that they care only for impressive sparks, and care little for hobby science. If you're interested in such things, I started an alternative to the anti-Tesla atmosphere present on the Pupman forum; my forum for "non-coilbuilding Tesla experiments." Tesla-Experimental (a yahoo group)

--Bill Beatty


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