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Nexus review, Oct/Nov 2015 issue

by George Trinkaus

High Voltage Press, OR, USA, 2015
ISBN 978-0-692-37412-2 (127pp pb)
Available: Teslapress.com;

Since 1986, electrical experimenter George Trinkaus has been publishing a series of booklets about Nikola Tesla and his revolutionary inventions. Now he's combined all of these titles into one revised volume, Tesla Technology, with additions from his Teslapress.com website on Tesla electrotherapy devices and Tesla's 1919 "True Wireless" article.

Trinkaus leads with a brief Tesla biography before launching into detail on the disk-turbine rotary engine, the spark-gap oscillator, the Tesla coil, the magnifying transmitter, lighting and transport systems and a free-energy receiver. He rewrites Tesla's "techno-legalise" and adds his own informed commentary.

The "Radio Tesla" section covers high-voltage, sudden-pulse, low-frequency wireless transmission, ground conduction, earth resonance, and the global broadcasting system. Trinkaus makes it clear that Tesla was no fan of Hertzian radio-telegraphy, and was a firm exponent of the aether as the medium of all electric phenomena.

In "Tesla DIY", Trinkaus explains how to build Tesla coils and other devices. He includes an extract from Tesla's 1899–1900 Colorado Springs diary as well as an essay that deconstructs "The Tesla Mystique".

This is a must-have book for Tesla buffs and anyone who wants to go beyond the mythology and get to the core of Tesla's technological legacy.

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