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Tesla Technology
Lost Inventions, Radio Tesla, Tesla Coil merged and amplified

by George Trinkaus

240 illustrations
8.5" x 11", 128 pgs,
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In clear English and 240 illustrations, here is everything you are not supposed to know about Nikola Tesla. As famous as Edison in the 1890's, Tesla soon became invisible in the official history, and his later inventions became taboo in the official electric technology. Here are the inventions that got him into trouble. Here also are instructions for building Tesla coils and other projects. Many of the taboo inventions went into patents. These have been translated from the legalese into clear English, the drawings into lucid illustration. This is a merging and refreshing of all five booklets of the popular Tesla Technology Series: Lost Inventions, Radio Tesla, Tesla Coil, Son of Tesla Coil, and The True Wireless, -- reconsidered, reedited, reset, and redesigned with many new illustrations plus four articles new to print, including The Tesla Mystique and Tesla Electrotherapy.

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The original Tesla technology
booklets are still in print:

Tesla: The Lost Inventions

Tesla Coil

Son of Tesla Coil

Radio Tesla

Tesla: The True Wireless

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Tesla: The Lost Inventions
Radio Tesla

Tesla Technology

Orthocracy Speaks
a layman's guide to the ruling system

by George Trinkaus

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quality paperback, 8" x 5.5", 112 pages. 

Roll over, Machiavelli

This is one writer's attempt to give a voice to the unspeakable philosophy of the ruling system. If Orthocracy could speak, he might speak like this:

Humanity is a management problem.

   I am the management.

      I am the true religion.

         I am the true progressive.

            I am the true environmentalist.

                I am the thousand-year Reich


the ultimate conspiracy theory

    totally politically incorrect

        something to offend everybody

What are the 13 rules of rule?
printed as a running foot on every page.

What does Orthocracy say
about the issues of the day?

solitary confinement
economic collapse
mountain-top removal
Gulf oil spill
chemtrails, UFO's, men-in-black
drone attacks

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Bill-Collector Confidential
by Steve Katz and George Trinkaus
quality paperback, 96 pages,
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Tesla: The Lost Inventions 

Tesla Technology 

Radio Tesla 

Orthocracy Speaks

The Tesla Technology series on Kindle
only $3.99

Tesla: The Lost Inventions

Tesla Coil

Son of Tesla Coil

Radio Tesla

The True Wireless

also on Kindle:
Orthocracy Speaks
a layman's guide to the ruling system
by George Trinkaus


              Tesla: The Lost Iventions

by George Trinkaus.
The bestseller of the series. Continuously reprinted since 1988. The only systematic introduction to Tesla technology. Here are the suppressed inventions of Nikola Tesla all in one place rendered in clear English and 42 illustrations. Tesla was famous at the turn of the century for inventing the alternating-current systemTesla lamp still in use today. But his later inventions, documented in some 30 U.S. patents between 1890 and 1921, have never been utilized as Tesla intended despite their obvious potential for advancing in fundamental ways the technology of modern civilization. Among these lost inventions: the disk-turbine rotary engine, the Telsa-coil electric energy magnifier, high-frequency lighting, the magnifying transmitter, a radical high-power radio, wireless electric power, and the free energy receiverThis  is the original and the classic. Accept no pot-boiler imitations, however "fantastic."

42 illustrations ISBN 0-9709618-2-0


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Tesla Coil

by Trinkaus.
The other "classic," third edition, countless printings, still sellingauthor's first TC. Invented by Nikola Tesla back in 1891, the Tesla coil can boost power from a wall socket or battery to millions of high frequency volts. In this
booklet, the only systematic treatment of the Tesla coil for the electrical nonexpert, you'll find a wealth of information on one of thebest-kept secrets of electric technology, plus all the facts you need to build a Tesla coil on any scale. And you can build one out of everyday stuff; the coil shown features a beer-bottle capacitor. A well-tuned coil's output is harmless but can perform amazing tasks. Disinfect water. Build a powerful radio transmitter. Includes an introduction to the megapower Tesla coil called the magnifying transmitter and how Tesla envisioned its use for wireless power and global communications. List $8.50

26 illustrations ISBN 0-9709618-0-4

Print    $8.50      Kindle  $3.99

Son of Tesla Coil
Build a Tesla Lighting Plant.

by Trinkaus.
We've thrown lots of sparks, but is that all Tesla had in mind? In this sequel to the classic Tesla Coil, we venture into the utilitarian Tesla. In clear English and 40 illustrations, we ponder the questions: Can Tesla coils do real work? Can a Tesla coil power an
Tesla's oil-coil alternative fluorescent lighting? Build a third-generation Tesla coil. Discover the magic of oil immersion, of close coupling, and of precise pulsing. Learn how to drive a Tesla coil from low-voltage battery power. See how the new neon technology can be adapted for Tesla off-the-shelf. Build a solid-state pulse generator and a Tesla lighting plant. Then hook up your ammeter and see what it says about Tesla efficiencies. Can battery-powered Tesla technology aid us in the next big blackout? Will Tesla be the next big step forward in home power? List $8.50

40 illustrations
ISBN 0-9709618-1-2

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See a gen-3 coil on the Tesla Coil Page

Radio Tesla

The Secret of Tesla's Radio
and Wireless Power

by Trinkaus
Who owns the ether? In clear English, 66 illustrations, and a minimum of math, this booklet details the radical radio technology of Nikola Tesla. Early elemental wireless devices like Tesla's and others shown here are fascinating and worthy of study
Wardencliff tower because they remind us that powerful radio technologies can be so simple and accessible. Here is Tesla's peculiar radio in the context of the conventional. Modern radio took a lot from Tesla, but what did it ignore? Tesla's potent transmitter produced high-voltage, sudden-pulse disturbances of low frequency conducted through the ground. His wireless power works on the very same principles. Also in these pages: spark reconsidered, grounding rediscovered, low frequency revived, lament on solid state, underground radio, license-free radio, the suppression of amateur radio, carrier-current radio, radio-free energy... List $8.50

66 illustrations ISBN 0-9709618-3-9

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Tesla: The True Wireless
Everything You Know is Wrong

By Nikola Tesla (1919), edited by Trinkaus.
In Tesla's own words and in 20 illustrations, this is the inventor's final published statement on how radio, at the radical, really works. What is the true wireless?
propagation Tesla says the orthodox Hertzian radio we've been taught is a "fiction." He insists that the amount of energy that can be transmitted is "billions of times greater" than conventional radio would allow. Can we transmit electric power to our homes and workplaces without wires? Can the unsightly and fragile grid come down? Tesla says Yes. This article of 1919 has been completely reset and redesigned for clarity. Includes an introduction by Trinkaus, explanatory notes, and information sources. List $8.50

21 illustrations
ISBN 0-9709618-4-7

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Magnetic Amplifiers
is out of print
See the PDF on the new Mag Amp Page

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