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George Trinkaus
High Voltage Press

How the Chronicle Invented AIDS

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More on Dr. Gottleib, Liz, and Rock
Rock Hudson's False Legacy
by Elizabeth Ely and Cal Crilly

Taylor and Dr. Gottleib at AIDS gala
Dr. Gottleib and Liz Taylor at AIDS gala, 1985.

The Hollywood connection

How AIDS inventor Dr. Michael Gottleib's played "Dr. Feelgood" to Liz Taylor:
    "Gottleib and two other doctors were charged with writing the actress more than 1000 prescriptions for twenty-eight controlled and addictive substances in doses incompatible with life."

also in this article:
Rock's flight from Paris cost an estimated $300,000!

How the Chronical Invented AIDS  by George Trinkaus
a French translation

Nerd Flu
by George Trinkaus
Scientists produce first digital-to-human virus infection.
Prdict pandemic. satire

Rethinking AIDS


AIDS, Inc. Scandal of the Century by Jon Rappaport

Orthocracy Speaks,
a layman's guide to the ruling system
by George Trinkaus. Is AIDS another orthocratic construct?

More writings by Trinkaus

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