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High Voltage Press

George Trinkaus

The technology of Nikola Tesla

"Electric power is everywhere present in
unlimited quantities and can drive the
world's machinery without the 
 of coal, oil, or any other fuel."

-- Nikola Tesla (1933)

from High Voltage Press:

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Tesla Technology
the book
At last the combined edtion!

The original booklets remain in print:
Tesla: The Lost Inventions
Tesla Coil
Son of Tesla Coil
Radio Tesla
Tesla: The True Wireless

Orthocracy Speaks
a layman's guide to the ruling system
Now in paperback


complete menu of writings by Trinkaus

Why Buzzed Driving Is Not Drunk Driving
Army study found no impairmrnt. If you live in a state where marijuana has been made legal,  you are a target for the buzzed-driving-is-drunk-driving camapaign.

Orthocracy Speaks
A layman's guide to the ruling system,

Tesla says, gimme a break.

Tesla says: "Gimme a break."

A Brief Tesla Biography

Enhancing the Ramsey AM-25
What is carrier-current broadcasting?

Tesla Electrotherapy
Another suppressed technology?

How the Chronicle Invented AIDS    in English
a French translation
related articles
Is AIDS a disease or a media campaign? What is its true agenda?

Nerd Flu:
Scientists produce first bio-digital virus infection,
predict pandemic.

Orthocracy Speaks 
A layman's guide to the ruling system,

Table of Toxicity
Fluoride's shocingly high rank among toxins.
Tesla Antigravity Coil Surfaces

The SAWS Memo

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Magnetic Amplifiers  by the U.S.Navy. mag amp
Now a free PDF

Who Killed Downtown?

Media 911

Complete menu of
writings by Trinkaus

Who is George Trinkaus?

About High Voltage Press

Publishing for 26 years, our theme is lost electric technology, particularly that of Nikola Tesla. We publish compact booklets in clear English with lots of illustrations. We focus  on energy magnification,  free energy,  home power, suppressed radio technologies, and high-power electric control. We show little respect for the mythologies that govern orthodox academic electric physics. We honor inventions of the past that point to pollution-free, people-empowering technologies of the future.



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