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George Trinkau
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(Contray to Google, we are not an electronics store  on Washington St., nor has there ever been such at this location.)

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Why Buzzed Driving Is Not Drunk Driving
If you live in a state where marijuana has been made legal,  you are a target for the buzzed-driving-is-drunk-driving camapaign.

911: Some WTC History You Might Not Know
An orderly demolition of the World Trade Center was planned in detail in the 1980's.
Why? And why was the plan scrapped?

The Tesla Mystique  Has the true Tesla been fogged by cliché?

A Capsule Biography of Nikola Tesla 

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NEW: Tesla Technology, the combined edition.

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The Navy manual, the Nuts'n'Volts feature, free energy ...

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Enhancing the Ramsey AM-25  
Broadcast over the power lines.

The Vacuum Tube Turns 100
The Nuts 'n' Volts feature. Cold-cathode over-unity compactor.

Is AIDS a disease or a media campaign? What is its true agenda?

Orthocracy Speaks, A Layman's Guide to the Ruling System

About High Voltage Press

Publishing for 30 years, our theme is lost electric technology, particularly that of Nikola Tesla. We publish quality paperback books and compact booklets in clear English with lots of illustrations. We focus  on energy magnification,  free energy,  home power, suppressed radio technologies, and high-power electric control. We show little respect for the mythologies that govern orthodox academic electric physics. We honor inventions of the past that point to pollution-free, people-empowering technologies of the future.



  (503) 223-0410
POB 1525, Portland, OR
97207 USA

Contray to Google, we are not an electronics store on
Washington St., nor has there ever been such at this location.

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